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Hi there! I'm a full-stack dev with a preference for front-end. When I'm not making websites, I'll either be tinkering with my linux setup, snooping around in GitHub. I'm also fairly active on StackOverflow, mostly answering questions related to JavaScript and React. I love working on optimizing code. Expecially JS code.

I'm a big fan of anime, especially Studio Ghibli movies. Something about their music is special. And I'm always open to collaborate on project, so hit me up if you have any ideas.


FinBox 2021-present

Fullstack Developer

  • Worked mainly on two of the biggest products
  • Converted both the front-end codebases(over 300+ files) to TypeScript
  • Implemented major features on both products
  • Worked on performance optimization on the front-end
  • In 8 months, I was managing the front-end for one of those products
  • Worked in integrating two major clients into our lending journey in the front-end and the back-end
  • Made an internal tool to test another product
  • Setup auto deployment on the dev servers with git hooks

TCS Rapid Labs 2020-2021

MERN Stack Intern

  • The project was a medical robot that will take readings from machine on a set routine
  • Implemented an admin panel that had the ability to grant users selective permissions
  • Also implemented the ability to set the path the robot will take in the admin panel
  • Implemented data visualisation using d3 charts
  • Implemented login and autherisation of users
  • Wrote back-end code to communicate with the hardware backend server

pden.zyx 2019-2020

React Developer(Freelance)

  • Worked on multiple project with pden.xyz
  • Worked with the designers to convert designs to code
  • All the logic was on the client-side, so I had to implement efficient data structures to store all the data on the client-side



This webpage you're looking at :). Fun fact, there is only one image in this whole page.

Easy Acres

The site for Easy Acres


The site for TeslaCET, the technical fest of EEE department, CET


A fully customizable, reusable, fullstack webpage for collges. You will be able to do anything that has to do with the college through this app. Kindof like WordPress.

Global Elective

An application for assigning non-departmental elective course for the final years. Handled everything from letting the students choosing their courses to finally assigning them.

Cows and Bulls

The web version of a number game we used to play in class


A custom new tab page I use daily


An eye-candy script to show randomly generated stars on your terminal

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