Hey there,

I'm rwithik, full-stack developer, linux enthusiast, machine learning noob.
While I'm not making websites, I'll either be tinkering with my Linux setup, snooping around in Github, or answering questions on Stackoverflow.

About Me

So, I'm a full stack web developer, leaning a bit to the front-end side. I'm always open to talk to new people and hearing new ideas. So hit me up if you ever want to talk tech, jobs or even just chat for a while!

My work

EasyAcres GitHub
A website for an agriculture company called EasyAcres.
Cows and Bulls
An eyecandy script to show stars on your terminal.
homepage GitHub
A custom new tab page.
tedxcet.com GitHub
Website for tedxcet 2020
teslacet GitHub
Website for Tesla 2020, the EEE department fest.
flash GitHub
A simple python script to flash your caps lock led in morse code.
stars.sh GitHub
An eyecandy script to show stars on your terminal.
Get in Touch
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