farm easy
We help set up a farm in no time
farm scientifically
Our technology helps you manage and make the most from your farm
farm hands-free
Let our seasoned famers grow the produce for you
farm to doorstep
You can count on our crew to harvest and sell the produce for you

Why EasyAcres?

Step 1 Assesment - our trained field personnel gets in touch with you to help you asses and understand the cultivation potential at your land. A project plan is prepared with all relevant financial information.
Step 2 Implementation - our team takes care of everything from crop planning to mobilising resources and executing all the works that go into setting up a farm . We have in house capabilities to address all the farming activities efficiently.
Step 3 Maintenance - technologies indigenously developed by us help keep track of your farms key performance parameters and improve crop productivity. We assign resources to visit and maintain your farm from time to time.
Step 4 Monetising - we take up the responsibility of harvesting the selling the produce trough our doorstep delivery network . This ensures that your farms produce always find consistent demand and a fair price insulated from market price fluctuations.

Set up a Farm

Hope Market

We organize "Hope Markets" at weekly intervals in residential communities where fresh , responsibly grown , pesticide free vegetable produce from our Easy Acre project farms are retailed . This ensures that the produce from our farms always have a table to be served at and our veggie subscribers receive delightfully fresh produce.

"farming is the profession of hope " - Brian Brett

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Tech Pile

We develop and deploy SMART technologies in house for improving crop productivity , better farm management and increased farm revenue. a) ALLY - Our Smart irrigation management platform

  • Multi zone irrigation support

  • Robust open source hardware

  • Control your irrigation remotely

  • Real time temperature and rainfall plots

Our upgradable irrigation control platform that gives the user the capability to define and set flexible irrigation profiles.

What we do

The happy Routine

At easy acres we strive to transform underutilized and unoccupied urban landscapes into productive spaces through agriculture . By cultivating locally we are able provide responsibly grown hyper-local food and in the process inspire self-sufficiency through engagement.

We commit to providing meaningful careers , inspiring the creation of a generation that values social and environmental good alongside financial stability. At every step of the process, from site design, to produce marketing , we encourage a planning process defined by sustainability. EasyAcres support team will work along in complete engagement providing you with 24x7 support for any queries. EasyAcres will provide you with all backup services starting from installation to logistics for urban farming.

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